Get to know the Life Pletera through its Layman’s report, the final statement of the project

LaymanLifePletera_ico_engIn order to better understand the whole Life Pletera process in sumarized and didactic way, we recommend the reading of the Layman’s report, the final report of the project. It includes information about the main data, goals and results of the multidisciplinary intervention carried out in La Pletera and which has enabled the de-urbanization and recovery of the old marshlands in la Pletera.

The report offers an overall perspective of the development process of the Life Pletera in a very didactic manner, in a language accessible to everyone and without compromising the scientific rigour of the intervention.

You will find this document in Catalan and English.

The LIFE-Pletera project was devised as a practical example of territorial planning based on landscape preservation rather than on the simple occupation of and expansion into the territory. It has shown that even in an area subject to severe pressure from urban planning projects it is still possible to restore and renaturalize areas heavily altered by human activity.

The project also devoted a significant amount of time and recourses to educational and awareness-raising activities as a way of increasing public sensitivity towards wetlands, in many cases highly fragile and vulnerable ecosystems that are currently in regression all along the Mediterranean coastline.

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